About CakeTime


Mmmmmm ... Cakes. Big or small - I love cakes!

I love Baking them and of course eating them.

For me cakes do not only have to taste good, they have to look stunning as well. For that special occasion there is nothing like a beautiful and delicious cake to brighten it up. It can be any event a birthday, a holiday, or any other cake celebration party!

My cake adventure started a few years ago by learning cake decoration. While I was living in Great Britain I studied Cake Decoration and received a Level 2 Certificate with honours.

My passion moved with me to Switzerland. It remains a huge pleasure and I am still baking and decorating delicious cakes. I normally bake on request (and sometimes just for fun) for family, friends, and friends of the friends, but if you like my designs - it will be my pleasure to prepare a very special cake just for you.